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summer produce, Kingston, OntarioCommunity-supported agriculture (CSA) and farmers’ markets such as the one behind City Hall have already begun to offer summertime favourites including rhubarb, strawberries and zucchini just to name a few.  Growing up on the outskirts of the Limestone City, I have many fond memories of enjoying delicious ears of freshly picked, in-season corn.   I can already taste the peaches and cream melting in my mouth.  Although I’m not one to regularly make it to dessert, I can never turn down my grandmother’s pies, be it blueberry, raspberry, or whatever she managed to pick at the local berry farm.  With growers around the world producing everything imaginable year round, supermarket selection rarely adheres to local, seasonal availability.  That said, there’s something comforting about supporting local growers, and quite honestly, nothing beats being a locavore.  With that in mind:

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In case you’re wondering what seasonal produce is coming our way, check out the availability guide provided by the Kingston Public Market.  So, aside from your favourite fruits and vegetables, where’s the best place in Kingston to pick up local produce during the summer?  What about your experience with a specific CSA?  Better yet, please feel free to share your family’s secret summer recipes!

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3 thoughts on “Best Summer Produce in Kingston

  • Stuffed tomatoes or bell peppers are the ultimate summer BBQ food. A great recipe that can be easily modified (without bacon, or with more meat if so desired) is listed here. Also some great tips below the recipe from people who’ve actually tried it.

  • Bring on the peaches! I'm already fantasizing about the huge baskets that pretty much force me to make a peach pie to use them all up. Although I'm not sure I can really use the words "force" and "pie" in the same sentence.
    Having grown up on the prairies with a total lack of local fruit, Ontario is a dream in the summer.

  • There's nothing like a cob of corn so fresh that it doesn't even realize it's been picked until it hits the boiling water. Too bad my Dad doesn't grow it anymore.

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