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Guide to BreakfastThere are few dishes as basic and as commonly found on the menus of restaurants that may otherwise have nothing in common.  The creation of this dish, while a staple for many, is an art form and, to be truly perfect, must meet the specifications of the customer.  The dish I’m referring to is the steak.

To cook a perfect steak, the cut of beef, the quality and temperature of the grill or frying pan and the choice of sauce (or no sauce) and sides are all crucial elements.  Timing is everything and a chef who takes pride in cooking a truly great steak will have his or her timing down to a science.

There are many places to get a steak in Kingston.  Chain restaurants and locally owned alike offer a variety of cuts at varying prices.  Sorry vegetarians but this week’s poll is not for you.  We want to know:

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What makes a great steak in your opinion?  Why did you vote the way you did?  Is the cut of meat or the precision with which it is cooked the most important features of a good steak or are you more concerned with the whole dish and having a great side to enjoy with it?  Tell us below what makes a steak perfect for you.

Thanks to Tella Chen for today’s photo.

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