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best pizza in kingstonAs far as I am aware, pizza is the food of the Gods. This dietary staple is an obsession of mine, and for as long as I can remember, I have proclaimed that I would be happy to eat pizza and nothing else if I were ever stranded on a desert island with an old volleyball.  In any given city, the types of pizza that can be found may be broken down into three distinct categories:

  • Gourmet: pricey establishments such as Woodenheads, and Atomica, where reservations are a must.
  • Franchise: fast food options such as Pizza Pizza, Boston Pizza, Dominos, Little Caesar`s etc…
  • Pizzeria: places that use real pizza ovens and also sell it by the slice. Doughballs included.

While I love a gourmet treat now and again, when the mood strikes at home, I can’t get enough traditional pizzaria-style pies delivered in those unmistakable generic, white boxes.  While we’ve previously debated where to get the best pizza in Kingston, this week’s poll question focuses the conversation on the city’s best pizzerias.  Accordingly:

[poll id=”95″]

Creating a comprehensive list of places to get the best pizza in Kingston was a difficult task, while selecting a clear winner was nearly impossible for me.  My favourite place honestly changes based upon what I am craving, and I have to admit that I give most of my business to places that are closer to facilitate timely delivery of hot and fresh pizza.  One week I might prefer “Pizzeria A” because of their crust, while the next I might lean towards “Pizzaria B” based upon the richness of their sauce, choice of ingredients and so on.  In the end, I suppose it really comes down to flavour, but the history and atmosphere of local pizzerias also plays a role in attracting and retaining my business. Of course, the collection of order slips for the sake of free pizza in the future also plays a role in deciding who to give your business to.

How would you rate the competition amongst Kingston’s local pizzerias?  Which longstanding and new places do you prefer to give your business to, and which do you steer clear of?  What about the best place to get slice?  Do you wish you could get good deep dish in Kingston?  Just where does one go to get the best pizza in Kingston?

Thanks to Adam Kuban for today’s photo.

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37 thoughts on “Best Pizza in Kingston

  • Not enough good pizza in Kingston. Would love a good deep dish spot.

  • Mamma Mia's. Similar style to Tata's, but with a slightly thicker crust and the toppings don't slide off on first bite. I do love Tata's though.

  • Oh, and if you are willing to branch out a little from Kingston, Capri in Amherstview is incredible as well.

  • Frankly, if I’m going simply for a pizzeria (yes, with an E, not an A), then I would always choose Pizza by Adonis, just up from the corner of Concession and Division. It’s an excellent pizza, lots of choices, and very reasonably priced.

    Most of the choices you’ve listed in the poll are garbage, compared to Adonis.

  • Mamma Mia out in the westend is probably the best. tats and ginos crust is too heavy. really kingston does not have a quality pizza joint. capri in amherstivew is always a good option if you are in the area.

  • CAPRI in amherstview is amazing #ygk #bestpizza – however paradisio has maintained great pizza for years aswell without the drive to amherstview

  • Pizza by Adonis has my vote! Great taste and good prices

  • I haven't been impressed with Kingston's pizza offerings. I'm going to try Stella D'oro next… 175 Bagot St where the Limestone Grill was. With the owner change, it got a nice cozy decor overhaul and 2 new owners fresh from Italy. They still have a greek chef so the menu is a little confused, but the pizza offerings looked yummy. Service was very friendly when I stopped in for breakfast.

    • I have been meaning to try that place out since it changed names/hands. A bit confused myself, as I thought it was a pizzeria…they do breakfast as well? Not that I'm saying I have a problem with pizza for breakfast.

    • Ooh, I didn't even know anything was in there. Definitely going to give them a try. Thanks for the heads up!

      • Stella D'Oro has awesome pizza. We order from them weekly. Try the "Schiacciata" for something completely different. The Mario's Special is also a favourite. Super friendly Italian owners take pride in using quality ingredients. They recently created a facebook page…here:

        • Sorry, I disagree completely. I found their pizza awful, probably would rank at the bottom of my list. Their za is really doughy and not really cooked through. I also found the ingredients to be really cheap and low quality. Also tried a few other dishes there and haven't been impressed.

          • Yeah, I saw that. Maybe it has improved, I haven't been back in months because I was pretty dissatisfied with it. I guess I was just hoping for more Italian.

            Like the article says: "But really, with a name like Stella d’Oro, why wouldn’t you want to be eating Italian food?"

            There are only about 4 pretty uninspired italian dishes on the menu other than pizza (2 pastas, lasagna, and maybe one other). The rest is all burgers and attempts at greek food. Chicken Parm is american. Caesar salad is not even Italian, its origins are in Mexico (and the "homemade croutons" I had at stella were really stale). I have heard the desserts are good though.

  • Mama Mia’s. Try the number five – been a staple in my family for decades (no joke).

  • I won't cast a vote for any shop since I've worked in many of them, but I have two side-issues to mention:

    If there is a pizza joint that offers a whole wheat crust I haven't heard of it, and that's sad. (Pizza Pizza doesn't count as pizza to me) You cannot call a pizza with a wonder-bread crust "gourmet" and expect any credibility.

    And for those who make pizza at home I'll save you some time, the Selections *part skim* mozzarella in the light blue bag is the best pizza cheese you can get without buying from a wholesaler, available at the uptown Food Basics stores, not at Barrack St, also where you can find Mastro pepperoni, you want the uncut smaller sausages. The rest is open to interpretation but you can't beat those two.

    • I use fresh buffalo mozza and hard new york pepperoni. Make my own sauce too. I'm choosy about my pizza. The freshest ingredients all home made. Cannot beat it.

  • Two restaurants that have surprisingly good gourmet pizza: Grecos has an excellent sicillian pizza and believe it or not The Grizz has some tasty pizza choices (smoked salmon anyone?)

  • Will have to try out Grecos pizza. Wouldn't think to order it there, as the rest of their menu is so good and tempting. I have had the Grizz's pizza, and can honestly say it's not my fave. It's been a long time since I've even dined there, so unless they've made changes to their dough and sauce, I wouldn't recommend it.

  • The Capri in Amherstview undoubtedly has the best pizza in the area. We have tried them all and I mean all, but nothing measures up to Capri for good old fashioned hearty pizza.. We have a lot of overnight, out-of-town visitors and when we order from Capri they are always amazed at how good it is.

  • Kingston doesn't really have good traditional pies. Wooden Heads comes close but, nothing here yet that even comes close to a good NYC pizza pie. I WISH. Maybe one day. Someone needs to head to Lombardies or similar and bring that type of slice here. All our take out places have fat crust mostly, very bland…just not up to what I love about a perfect slice. it's "okay" and "passable" but, just not there…..yet.

  • I have yet to find a great pizza place in Kingston, but I am originally from Windsor, after all…

  • i ordered pizza adonis special adonis delight. the pizza had so much olives and onions it was too much. there was no balance it was like someone dumped containers of onions and olives and peppers all over the pizza gross.. but ginos and tats have gone down hill the paste couple years. ginos guy very rude on phone unless you get the older guy, sauce seemed off at times as well as pepperoni. seems as with both ginos and tats the new guard is coming in and they don't have as much pride in there food as the old. also both ginos and tats are becoming way over priced.

    • You do know that you can ask for not as many toppings next time, it's your pizza can have it any way you want it.

  • i couldn't try Capri in Amherstview. i walked in one day for a slice and the cook was leaning over the counter and dident even acknowledge i waked in. i said hello can i get a slice and he still dident look at me and said " we don't sell slices" so i said ok and walked out. i really dont think after that attitude i would go in there again.

    • Not sure what you expected — if they don't serve slices they don't serve slices?

      • i expected friendly positive attitude as i do from any restaurant and someone to acknowledge me as a customer, not stare off into the sun. not what i got here. i may try a za if im out that way in the future because of the good comments on the pizza, but by no means will i support or hand over my money to rude ignorant people.

  • I think the author was referring to the fact that he was ignored.

  • This was written before "Gabriel's Pizza' came to town this year, 2014. We were elated when we noticed the sign in the west end b/c this was the best-selling pizza in Orleans (east of Ottawa) when we lived there and we missed it. Friday night used to be 'pizza night' and at one point over the past few years, we made it a point to try every top advertised pizza place in Kingston. According to our palate, first it's the sauce that makes the pizza, then the 'real' cheese and then the crust. In all categories, "Gabriel's" is tied with our other favourite: "Gino's".

  • Cannot drive by Kingston without stopping into Amherstview to grab my 2 large Capri no5s. One for the drive, one for the fridge when I get back to Kitchener!

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