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Pizza, restaurant, Kingston, OntarioMusical actor and comedian Charles Pierce once said, “the perfect lover is one who turns into a pizza at 4am.”  At the risk of frightening and possibly offending my wife, I have to agree.  In the name of expanding Kingstonist’s Food and Drink section, in the past we’ve featured posh pizza parlours including Woodenheads as well as Atomica.  After the last delicious bites were consumed, we were unable to crown a definitive champion.  Even so, Kingston has way more than these two fancy purveyors of pizza pies, as there are numerous other joints where you can get your fix of ‘za.  From sit down pizzerias, to holes in the wall that specialize in delivery, we want to know what you consider to be the best pizza in the Limestone City.  Be sure to comment on whatever factors you deem relevant, including price, specialties, and above all else, taste.  Special thanks to dickuhne for his photo of a pizza man with more wheels for sale than a car dealership.

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19 thoughts on “Pizza, It’s My Obsession

  • Franconi’s and TaTa’s are high on my list for using “natural” ingredients and Paradiso’s is great for just the amount of pizza you get for the price. I don’t know if I can name one as “the best”, it all depends on what you’re looking for.

    I know it’s not in Kingston but The Goodwood Oven in Perth has the best wood fired pizza I’ve ever eaten. Just thought they deserved a shout out in this discussion.

    • At the risk of inciting a riot, I believe Franconi's may have gone under. Or…it's just been closed for renos each and every time I've driven by lately.

  • Tata’s is pretty good, but I prefer Gino’s. They make a fantastic cheese pizza, and you can save your slips to get free ‘za.

    When I was out at the RioCan on Gardiner’s Rd tonight, I noticed that there’s a Little Caesars opening up soon. It will be located just behind the Denny’s.

  • Another vote for both Franconi’s as well as Paradiso. I have very fond memories of ordering crazy amounts of food from Paradiso back when I was at Queen’s, and agree with Matt that you get a lot of bang for your buck. HOwever, I also remember that Paradiso wasn’t the greatest place for customer service, or speedy delivery. A few times we thought that they had delivered our order to another place, or forgotten about us entirely. Most of our anger subsided when our food arrived…so in the end it was worth it.

  • I’m not sure if I’ve had Paradiso, but I have had Tata’s. With that said I’m a big fan of Godfatha’s on Division. A great thick crust with a good amount of sauce and cheese.

  • TaTa’s you can save receipts for discounts as well, but I’ve never had Gino’s.

    @Duke: about Paradiso, I also found their pizza wasn’t up to the same quality as Franconi, but when you’re super hungry and you want a pile of pizza . . . they’re the place to go for sure!

    @Harvey: I love Little Caesar’s, especially the crazy bread!! I remember when there was one where the Reid’s Dairy (now called something else) at Bath and Days is. I can’t wait to try out the new one when it opens.

  • “I noticed that there’s a Little Caesars opening up soon. It will be located just behind the Denny’s.”

    Stop right there. Little Caesars? I understand you Canadians like the word Caesear for other reasons, but it doesnt translate to good pizza in this case. Bad pizza and their founder is a religious fundamentalist wingnut. Woodenheads is decent and their crust is laudable, its just a different idea to do gourmet toppings. but if you want a genuine NY Pizza (I’m a purist), drive to Watertown NY on your next shopping spree and hit Cam’s NY Pizza. Best pizza in 160 kms of the region…thin crust, light cheese, good sauce (not sweet), and the garlic knots are fantastic. And Cam is from Long Island…

  • @Jim R. I never said Little Caesars was great pizza, just happened to notice it and because of this topic, it was worth a mention. I have not had it in years, and doubt that the crazy bread would live up to my memory of it. Speaking of fond childhood memories, does anyone remember Mother’s Pizza?

  • Bring back Mother’s Pizza! I would kill for a slice right now….

    I am also a fan of Gino’s but have heard nothing but good things about Franconi’s and Mama Mia. The only thing with Mama Mia is they advertise their great deal as a large cheese for $21. Is that a deal?! I think we paid about $12 for a large at Papa Pete’s (moment of silence for PP’s).

    If you wanna go fancier, I am far more compelled to visit Atomica over Woodenhead’s. I’m starting to think Woodenhead’s is a bit overrated and their treatment of parties under 6 people (you can’t get a reservation or even a table with fewer during busy times) turns me off.

    Harvey…I think I’ll sleep in the guest room tonight…

  • I’ve been searching my whole time while living in Kingston for the greatest pizza… I love a thick crust and lots of cheese. I think Leif has sold me on trying out Godfatha’s. I have tried out Paradiso which is pretty good, but I have to admit that my favourite slice of pizza comes from 241 Pizza on Princess Street. They sit on a heated carousel waiting to be bought late at night which does something delicious to them (well, that how I’m going to justify it!).

  • Kingston has good gourmet pizza choices – Atomica and Woodenheads are standouts, and I admit a fondness for Grizzly Grill’s Margarita pizza. But for traditional take-out pizza, we haven’t really found a favourite. We keep hoping that the Mamma’s Pizza chain (many outlets in Toronto) will open a franchise here. We’re also fans of Colonnade Pizza in Ottawa.

    If you have wheels, visit Garlic Fields Gourmet ( on Latimer Road. They make gourmet pizzas that are oven-ready. They are not inexpensive, but the ingredients are top-quality. Favourites include the Ernestine and the Roscoe. They also have great frozen homemade lasagnas and soups.

    @ Jim R – Thanks for recommending Cam’s NY Pizza in Watertown. We were in the area this past weekend, and decided to head downtown to check out Cam’s for lunch. We were not disappointed. Above-average pizza (especially nice was the fresh, light, thinner crust), reasonable prices, polite service, quirky decor. The pizza did outshine all of Kingston’s traditional (non-gourmet) pizza offerings. It also gave us a chance to see downtown Watertown. Interesting architecture shows it was once a bustling town, but it’s so sad to see the empty storefronts and the deserted streets like so many small US cities – makes us grateful for everything that Kingston’s downtown has to offer!

  • @Nancy You’re the second person who has recommended Garlic Fields Gourmet. I am definitely intrigued, and may have to visit this weekend.

    • Tried Garlic Fields. It's good, although way too far off the beaten path for the average person. I have secretly been modifying my own from scratch thin crust pizza, and not to toot my own horn, but I am sure I could compete with them any day. That would be my dream job.

      • Hate to say it, HK, but nobody can compete with Garlic Fields. They are the gourmet haven for those of us who have left downtown in favour of more wide open spaces. Some of their frozen–and equally delicious–fare is also now available at the Glenburnie Grocery (which, by the way, is also worth the trip north of town). Who knows? If Joanie stays this busy, she might be open to a part-time job ap, and you could get that dream job after all!

  • For all the township kids, Mamma Mia (on Front Road) is a staple and the best if you like a lot of cheese on your wheel.

    I have also been very impressed Franconi’s, great pizza and very friendly staff!

  • Does anyone know where the Mother’s Pizza in Kingston was located?

    • From what I recall, Mothers was located on Bath road, approximately the same location as Red Lobster, although it could have been next door in what is now a mini-strip mall.

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