Best Patio in Kingston

Best Patio in Kingston, Ontario
Although these past few days haven’t quite demonstrated it, patio season is well upon us.  I think it’s safe to say that whether we are going for beer, brunch or late night nachos, Kingstonians love to come out after a cold winter into the warmth of spring and spend as much time as possible on a patio.  Lucky for us, we have a ton of great patios to choose from, but which if the best patio in Kingston?  This week’s poll asks:

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I understand this question is a difficult one as there are many factors in this decision, so this week you can choose up to two answers.  Drop us a note below and tell us what factors contributed to your choices for the best patio in Kingston.  Or perhaps we missed the obvious choice.  Which patios make your list?

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21 thoughts on “Best Patio in Kingston

  • I don't have a choice, because a good patio is in direct correlation to a good restaurant. For example, the Iron Duke patio is pretty unspectacular on its own, but the Iron Duke is great, so it makes the patio that much better.
    But you forgot two key ones: The Kingston Brewing Company (two patios!) and the Amadeus Cafe, which has a very private and charming courtyard patio.

    • If we're basing the votes on food/beverage (a good idea by the way), the Brew Pub wouldn't be getting my vote. Sure I love their beer, but their food has consistently disappointed me. I've gone back over the years, trying new things to see where I went wrong, and I simply haven't found anything that really works. Their secluded back patio and a cold beer, now that's something I could get behind!

  • My other choice is definitely The Kingston Brewing Company (both patios)!

  • I totally meant to include the Brew Pub in that list too! Harvey even said "Don't forget the Brew Pub!" …and then I did. I think it's my subconscious because, as Chris pointed out, the quality of the restaurant is key to making this decision and I'm not a big fan of the food there. I do agree though, that it's a sweet patio. Apologies for leaving it out.

  • Brew pub! but with the cooler weather we have been experiencing I have been enjoying the lovely heater at Atomica's!

  • I love the Brew Pub as well. But I'm also a big fan of the Amadeus Cafe's patio!

  • I kinda love the Mansion courtyard, although the picnic tables are not comfy. And echoing the sentiments above, that preference is influenced by the yummy food and the Bloody Caesars. ;)

  • The Grad Club patio is nice-though I thought it was kind of funny the picture for this article is of its patio but it's not actually on the list. The Brew Pub's patios are also great- especially the back courtyard. Great beer selection and delicious food! (for those complaining about their food, I enjoy the whitetail alfredo, fish and chips, chicken parm, and smokehouse meals)

    • I just chose a picture that was in our flickr set and purposely chose one of a place that wasn't on the list so it could be represented too. The choices are not meant to leave any particular establishment out – if I tried to list every patio downtown the list would have 40 places on it which is why we're asking for other options too. So far it seems the Brew Pub and Amadeus are the most popular of those not on the list.

  • Amadeus cafe – this patio is easily the nicest in Kingston, plus they have great food and a huge beer menu.

  • I also based my votes on the ambiance of the patio, as well as the quality of food/beverage etc… Pan Chanchos is a clear winner in my mind, as I have had many delicious weekend brunch experiences on their semi-secluded patio. It's a great spot. Woodenheads got my second vote, but not for the front patio, which is pretty much the same as the rest of restos on the block. Rather, the backyard patio is something really special. Again, very secluded, and paired with their great 'za, it's a winning combination in my mind.

    • On second thought, this past weekend we did some patio hopping, and one of the spots we found ourselves was Lone Star. A definite plus is that you get complimentary chips and salsa. The evening was hot, although nothing compared to yesterday and what they're forecasting for the remainder of the week, which lead us to order ice/slush-based drinks. Definitely a good choice, and I can see why this place earned enough votes to take best patio honours.

      • Harvey good call going with The Lone Star, always a nice breeze, affordable and you don't smell vehicle exhaust like the sidewalk patios

  • On a date the clear winner is Chez Piggy (Lunch only).. for chugging beer with friends any ole patio will do!

  • The best patio isn't even in town, but it's only a 20-minute ferry ride away – it's the Island Grill, for sure. Shame about the food, but that should change next year when the new owners take over…

    • I like the current Island Grill menu; nothing fancy, hearty and affordable — good food you don't see in too many places around town, it's well worth a boat ride or the ferry. Casey has a good business sense and may just tweak the menu a bit knowing he's a big fan of vegetarian fare. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does just after Labour Day weekend.

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