Best Italian Restaurant in Kingston

Best Italian Restaurant in KingstonWe have so many great restaurants in ygk and they offer a pretty decent range of style and ethnicity for a city our size.   While there are still some gaps to fill, new restaurants are popping up all the time.  Readers recently expressed wishes for Caribbean food and here we are a year or so later with three Caribbean restaurants to choose from.  Perhaps we should start talking about Ethiopian or Lebanese food so we can conjure some more deliciousness….but I digress.  Today’s post is about the greatest food of all time: Italian.

We have an interesting array of Italian restaurants in Kingston that fall in various places on the spectrum from traditional to contemporary, and these restaurants vary from fine dining to family restos and take out.  Today’s post isn’t necessarily about the atmosphere or the style of the restaurant, but more about the food itself.  This week we want to know:

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I like to think that my kitchen is where you get the best Italian food in Kingston but it just didn’t seem like a fair comparison, so I left it out.  In all seriousness tell us, when you’re craving a big plate of pasta, a bowl of stracciatella soup or just some antipasto and vino, where do you head first?  What makes it the best Italian restaurant in Kingston?

Thanks to Artizone for today’s mouthwatering pic.

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