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Heart, month, February, stroke, foundation, ygk, kingstonist, challenge, lifestyleHealth food stores have become an increasingly more common and integral part of how Canadians are feeding, healing and taking care of themselves.  The notion of these establishments belonging to rich granola crunching hippies is fading into the background as more and more people make visiting a health food store a regular part of their weekly grocery shopping ritual.  Larger grocery stores have also taken note, adding extensive organic and health food sections to their business.  While it’s true that sometimes acquiring these healthier options does mean spending more money, the growth and staying power of health food stores show that this is a sacrifice that many Kingstonians are willing to make to improve or maintain their health and to stay connected to locally sourced goods.

Of course, not all health food stores are the same.  Some focus more on grocery items whereas others specialize in vitamins and supplements.  In Kingston, there are only two locally owned stores that we can think of that offer a large amount of both of these items, and one that specializes in supplements.  So this week, we want you to feel free to choose up to two answers to our question:

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As always, we’d love to know why you chose your answer(s).  Are you more inclined to be loyal to local shops like Tara, Sigrid’s and Green Door?  Or perhaps the convenience of stopping in the health food aisle on your regular trip to the grocery or drug store is what appeals most to you. Did we leave out your favourite shop?  Let us know your thoughts!

Danielle Lennon

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4 thoughts on “Best Health Food Store in Kingston

  • I like the selection at Tara but I find their pricing confusing and inflated. The price will change on an item from one day to the next with no explanation given. I have also found the same products at places like Home Sense for a good $5 cheaper. I like to support the local stores and downtown Kingston but unreasonable inflation of prices makes it hard sometimes.

  • green door vitamins is is also very expensive and over inflated. You get the same products for cheap in Loblaws plus they do not carry any good current supply of organic natural foods/ supplements. They are totally outdated with only few suppliers and bleak stock.

  • Imagine if those supplement dollars were spent on local vegetables instead. I bet we'd have a stronger local food ecosystem and healthier population.

  • please Kingston get a Goodness Me store or another similar chain….seems the larger stores do not come this far east..the city needs them to counteract inflated prices that the few stores here offer.More open markets for local organic farmers needed too

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