Best of 2013: Best Food Truck in Kingston

Our final episode of 2013’s top headlines and trending news stories in Kingston returns to the familiar theme of gourmet food trucks.  Last year proved to be a successful test for Kingston’s burgeoning pop-up diners, with the likes of Mission Street North, Farm Girl Mobile Food Co. and Roamin Komodo Streatery catching the imagination of local foodies.  In spite of an embargo to keep gourmet food trucks out of the downtown core thereby protecting brick and mortar establishments, Kingstonians flocked to wherever these mobile purveyors could find space to set up shop.  Our readers passionately tasted and debated the most delectable dishes, eventually crowning Mission Street North as the best gourmet food truck in Kingston.  As we look towards next summer, I can’t help but wonder what the next evolutionary step for our local food trucks might be.  As we’ve seen in other cities, perhaps one of our beloved mobile diners will take the plunge and set up their own brick and mortar establishment.  Regardless of what transpires, exciting and tasty times lie ahead!

Best Food Truck in Kingston

best food truck in Kingston, OntarioIt would be a pretty big understatement to say that food trucks have made a splash in Kingston over the past 5 or so months. With many chip trucks, and hot dog and sausage carts already in business around town, we have also seen an influx of new, gourmet restaurants on wheels including Farm Girl, Roamin Komodo Streatery and Mission Street North. These newer additions to Kingston’s street food scene have gained a lot of attention because of their unique offerings, as well as a general focus on the food truck industry not only here but in Ottawa, Montreal, Hamilton and many other North American cities.

While food trucks have been lauded by many and enjoyed for being novel and often with a focus on local food and convenience, they have also been the point of contention and have raised some serious questions for local restaurant owners who have a high overhead to keep their permanently placed establishments up and running. This discussion is ongoing, but in the meantime, food trucks seem to be here to stay. Accordingly, this week’s poll question (if you can possibly choose only one answer) is:

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Tell us why you chose your answer. Did you choose a food truck that is offering something unique? Maybe you’re more of a dessert person, or are you a fan of the tried and true chip truck where you can get a poutine and a good ol’ foot long hot dog or sausage? If that’s the case, I would be remiss not to mention our hot dog and sausage vendors at Confederation Basin and the Barrack Street Food Basics. For simplicity’s sake we decided to stick with actual trucks but if these are your go-to’s, we’d love to hear about it. Drop off your comments below.

Thanks to tedeytan for today’s pic.

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