Best of 2014: Best Fish Tacos in Kingston

In 2013, Kingstonian’s celebrated the arrival of gourmet food trucks, most notably Farm Girl Mobile Food Co. and Mission Street North. In 2014, the latter rolling kitchen ignited both curiosity and debate regarding who serves the best fish tacos in all of Kingston.  Not surprisingly, many local restaurants were quick to jump on this tasty trend by adding various fish taco options to their menus.  In an effort to reveal the best of the best fish tacos in the city, we turned to our readers to see where they get their fix.  The result was one of our closest polls from 2014, with a race that went down to the wire between Mission Street and Dianne’s Fish Bar.  Although this one got off the line just before Dianne’s could reel in a victory, the strong show of support for both of these locally owned establishments was tremendously impressive.  Who knew that Kingstonians felt so strongly about fish tacos?  Better yet, who serves the best ones… will we ever know for sure?
best fish tacos in KingstonWe have some great, lively debates on and while we enjoy covering a wide range of topics, few posts garner as much feedback and interest as our food polls. Kingston is crazy about good food and it shows not only in the longevity of some of our terrific, locally owned restaurants, but also in the passion that is sparked right here when it comes to determining the best of the best. The Great Burger and Poutine Wars of 2010 and 2011 are perfect examples of this passion, as is the 2012 debate over the best Pizzeria in town.

Today, we bring up a new discussion, a question that I imagine will bring forth much debate. Over the past two or three years, Kingston has seen an influx of the delicious food in question. From high end restaurants to food trucks and chains, our city is slowly being taken over by the fish taco invasion, but where can we get the best fish tacos in Kingston?

There are many factors that make a fish taco great: the type and freshness of the fish and how it’s cooked (breaded or grilled?); the type of tortilla used (corn or flour? Are they double wrapped?); the condiments (slaw? hot sauce?) and finally, the price. This week, we want you to consider these crucial factors and tell us:

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So, state your case, ready your defense and tell us why you voted the way you did. Let us know where to get the best fish tacos in Kingston! Thanks to James for today’s mouthwatering pic.

Danielle Lennon

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