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BBest Coffee Shop in Kingston, Ontario
I love coffee, and I love independent, locally owned coffee shops. Regular readers might be experiencing a tinge of déjà vu after digesting that statement, as I’ve written a few times about my disdain for Starbucks and their quiet attempt to saturate downtown Kingston with their overpriced, over-hyped brand. While Starbucks hasn’t added another store to the Limestone City’s core in quiet some time, I wouldn’t put it past them to do so, nor would I put it past many Kingstonians to support another franchise. But I digress… The best coffee shop in Kingston has so much more to offer than the twin-tailed siren, or Canada’s other “always fresh” brand. Accordingly, this week’s poll asks:

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To be clear, this week’s poll is searching for the best coffee shop in Kingston, rather than the extraordinary iced frappe espresso topped with choc-infused maple syrup. When trying to determine where exactly I prefer to get a straight forward cup of joe in Kingston, I took into account tasting terms such as acidity, body, aroma and flavour. In doing so, I realised that I prefer bold roasts, something that is sharp, earthy and slightly bitter. The type of coffee that you take of sip of in the morning, and you are instantly transformed from a semi-conscious robot into hyper-aware super hero ready to take on the day’s challenges. Only a select a few of this week’s poll choices offer exactly this sort of coffee done right; Coffeeco and the Goat.  Is that because so few of our local coffee shops actually roast their own beans?

If you were asked by a complete stranger where to find the best coffee shop in Kingston, where would you recommend and why? Do you frequently establishments who roast their own ethically-sourced beans and guarantee freshness, or does that sort of thing not matter to you so long as the coffee is good? Please drip and drop off your comments below.

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18 thoughts on “Best Coffee Shop in Kingston

  • with the current renovations of Coffee & Company downtown, I had to branch out and recently discovered that the Limestone Cupcakery makes great coffee, right across the road from my office! not many people know about it yet, but if you're at the bottom of Princess, we have a new contender for best coffee in the area.

    • Assuming that you voted "other", thanks for pointing out another great option. Base on the name, I would never have thought they offered coffee. Certainly there are many other places like the Limestone Cupcakery who serve a good cup 'o joe. Keep 'em comin'.

  • Voted for the Goat. Great (plain, black) coffee, AND the best treats to have with that coffee (get the a red currant scone, do it.)

  • Great poll question. I think Kingston has a great selection of local small coffee shops. I'm a big fan of Coffee and Company, and I'm looking forward to the newly renovated store. Does anyone have any idea what the progress of the work is there, or when they will reopen? They have a note on their window directing patrons to their Facebook page, which doesn't seem to exist. Any information?

    • Surprisingly, McDonalds has vastly improved their coffee in recent years, but I don't think it compares to the likes of Coffeeco. Country Style on the other hand is not good. I would put it on par with Timmies, which is watery and really only good because they use 20% cream.

  • I couldn't help myself, I had to respond to this. I voted coffeeco, it is really the best on the list. And the even offer barista classes sometimes.

    But I have to agree with the Common Market and also add Pan Chancho, which makes a great cappuccino.

  • I agree that Coffeeco is one of my favourites for coffee. I just wanted to suggest another place for a surprisingly awesome cup of coffee and espresso based drinks. Limestone City Cupcakery on Ontario street. One of their main focuses (besides delightful cupcake treats) was to be able to provide great coffee, which I discovered after talking to the owner. It is up there on my list for where to get a great cappuccino (tied for first with Coffeeco)

  • Definitely Coffeeco. They are well trained and their beans are the best!

  • I went to the Common Market after walking by it forever, and it's pretty ok, if pricey.

  • Wonder how this poll would fare now with Elm Cafe and Juniper Cafe in the mix… Coffeeco is still great, but both of those cafes make amazing coffee. Small Batch, Crave and Northside are all new contenders too! Might be time for a revisit… ;)

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