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weekly poll, best Chinese restaurant Kingston, OntarioFor me, and I think for a lot of other people too, once we have found the perfect Chinese restaurant, we tend to be incredibly loyal, ordering only from there.  When I was growing up in Hamilton, there was a Chinese restaurant about a 20 minute drive away that my family visited or ordered from regularly.  Despite many places that were closer to our house, there was just no other option but to go to this particular place.  I think perhaps that we are so dedicated once we find the right spot because there are a lot of fakes out there, or otherwise less than stellar chains. Then there are the buffets that, while satisfying some cravings (particularly on a Saturday afternoon after a late Friday night….or maybe that’s just me), are churning out basic dishes that cater to our north American tastes.  When we find the restaurant that meets our needs for something more authentic, or that we know we can trust to put out good quality food, we cling to it.

This week we want to know:

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Tell us why you voted how you did.  While Harvey and I had a go-to for Chinese take out for a long time, we have had one or two bad experiences that have put us back in the market for the right place.  Many people who have visited China say that the food we enjoy here is not the same at all.  Is there a place in Kingston that meets the expectations of those of you who have had the real thing?  Tell us about your experiences with Chinese food in ygk. Don’t see your fave in the list? Tell us about it below where is the best Chinese restaurant in Kingston!

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5 thoughts on “Best Chinese Restaurant in Kingston

    • While I wholeheartedly agree that Wok In is awesome, they specialize in Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese rather than Chinese.

  • Sigh, if only there were one in Kingston…
    Maybe somebody out there is doing decent Cantonese, I wouldn't know. But still dreaming of a place that makes authentic Jiangsu,or Sichuan, anything really. Have had a couple decent dishes at East Side Village though, namely the spicy eggplant and the chicken with vegetables.

  • Try Dim Sum restaurant on Princess up by Alfred. Real food, good prices, lots of variety on tastes and textures. Chinese rather than Asian fusion taste.

    • Dim Sum serves the most awful. greasy, fake-tasting food.
      You're not Chinese, are you.

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