Best Chicken Wings In Kingston (2018)

Best Chicken Wings In Kingston Ontario 2018

Where are the best chicken wings in Kingston, Ontario?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. Do you like your wings breaded or naked? Deep fried or baked? Boneless ( aren’t those just nuggets?) or bone in?

Do you want your wings tossed in a lot of sauce ( …dripping down your arm) or do you prefer to dunk as you go, asking for your sauce on the side? Blistering hot or mild and sweet? What will it be!?

There’s so many options and with everyone’s preferences and taste buds being different, it’s not an easy question to answer. I can tell you this though….

…today while browsing my Facebook news feed this awesomeness showed up:

A new menu?! Yaaas! *…grabs his Wing Nut club card and head for the door…*

Since moving back to Kingston last year (March 2017), Wing Central has been my go to spot for wings.

You’ll typically find me devouring a basket of “Kicked Up A Notch” ( formerly known as ‘Dirty Gal’) while my girlfriend grabs an order of “Texican” ( formerly called ‘Driving Miss Daisy’). They come breaded and tossed in a lot of sauce, just the way we like them.

That being said, there are over 34 restaurants ( according to‘s review page) in and around Kingston, Ontario that offer wings — to say I’ve tried them all would be a lie ( So far I’ve had wings from Dingaling’s, Wing Central, Tir Nan Og and Absolute Comedy).

That’s why I want to hear from you! Who do you think has the best chicken wings in Kingston for 2018?

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