Best Butter Tarts in Kingston

best butter tarts in kingston, OntarioWhat do you know about where to find the best butter tarts in Kingston? Since it’s creation in the early 1900s, the beloved butter tart has become the ultimate Canadian desert thanks to it’s prefect mix of flaky dough and buttery sweet filling. Of course no one could possibly make them as good as Grandma, Uncle Rick or (insert name of your favourite butter tart maker here), but sometimes you just have to get your fix elsewhere. And that means sourcing butter tarts from one of the many Kingston bakeries and cafes who are serving them up.

While butter tarts are surprising simple to make, they prove to be difficult for even the most experienced baker to master. And for this reason, we tend to be rather picky when it comes to where we buy our favourite butter tarts. In fact, you may know someone who is willing to drive great distances to their preferred butter tart supplier- some of which may very well be in Kingston or just outside of the city. Considering all of the butter tarts that are out there calling to us, we want to know:

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Kingston’s appetite for butter tarts has been going strong for quite some time. For me, the evidence of that can be found at various Farmer’s Markets in the city, on the counters of cafes and bakeries, and on the dessert menu of casual and even fine dining establishments. There are truly so many places that serve butter tarts in this city, that some might think Kingston has some sort of claim to making the first butter tart. As ubiquitous as the butter tart is in Kingston, it’s hardly a case of bakers cashing in on a trend. Since so many of us grew up on these beauties, it makes sense that we can find them in so many places throughout the city.

How do you like your butter tarts? Super gooey, or a bit more firm? What is your official stance on ingredients such as pecans and raisins, which purists might scoff at as blasphemous additions to an otherwise perfect dessert? Better yet, tell us about your go-to spot for the best butter tarts in Kingston.

Photo credit to Elise Thompson.

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