Halloween should be scary for only the right reasons

Photo by David Menidrey.

There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy the festivities surrounding Halloween, and it’s certainly a time that kids look forward to all year.

With Halloween night approaching, and a variety of Halloween events happening around the city, we’ve compiled some safety tips from Kingston Fire and Rescue, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police. Have a read through to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and enjoy the trick or treating, jack-o-lanterns, dress-up, and, of course, candy!

For Homeowners

  • Make sure outdoor lightbulbs are working and ensure they are on during Halloween trick or treating.
  • Remove any items from your yard or porch that might trip kids as they go door to door.
  • Sweep dry and wet leaves from your steps, porch, and/or walkway to prevent slipping.
  • Never leave candles burning unattended. Instead, use battery-powered candles or glow sticks.
  • Make sure you don’t overload electrical outlets to power decorations.

For Parents

  • Try to discourage the use of masks for your children. Masks can make it difficult to see what is around you (including vehicles). Makeup is a great alternative!
  • Ensure costumes fit properly to prevent tripping.
  • Show children a map and plan a route for trick or treating, and set a curfew.
  • Tell your children not to eat any treats until they’ve come home and candy has been inspected by an adult.

For Children

  • Carry a white pillowcase for your candy. That way, even if your costume is dark, you will be visible to traffic and others after the sun sets. You can also apply some reflective tape to your costume, or wear a glow stick.
  • Always travel in groups of at least three if you aren’t accompanied by your parents.
  • Don’t go to houses that aren’t well lit – there are lots of other houses! And never go inside a stranger’s home without a parent.
  • Bring a cellphone if you can in case you need to make an emergency call.
  • Remain on the sidewalks whenever possible, and try to use crosswalks to cross the street.

For Drivers

  • Drive slowly in residential neighbourhoods or around Halloween events.
  • Keep in mind that some costumes can limit a child’s vision, so they may not see you.
  • Reduce your distractions and stay alert.
  • Remember to enter and exit driveways slowly and cautiously.
  • Never drink and drive.

“Most importantly, we’d like to remind Kingstonians to always keep matches and lighters out of the sight and reach of children,” said Ted Posadowski, chief fire prevention officer with Kingston Fire and Rescue.

“We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween.”

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