#ygkPlaylist: September 2015

This month’s #ygkPlaylist features three local acts that were previously unknown to me, and they are quite possibly new names for you as well.  Fortunately, this is exactly the sort of situation we hoped to encounter when we first conceived the #ygkPlaylist. The ultimate goal of our monthly, curated playlist is to unearth new musical talents and shine the spotlight on local bands across all genres.  This month, we’re pleased to share the sounds of: Elatus, Ted Evans Band and Glenn Tooth.  September may be here, but the tunes from three local talents remind us that Summer is far from over.  So hit play below and cruise into a long and awesome weekend!

Elatus: like so many other local bands, this group started playing together in a tiny apartment in Kingston.  They naturally gravitated towards an alternative slash grunge rock sound, and after many late night jams, the group began to put together some demo tracks and share them online. Their name, Elatus, was derived from the Latin word for elation: a feeling or state of great joy or pride.   The group explains that this was a good fit as its members are proud to be a part of something, while their music helps them understand life’s greater meaning.  Elatus released their first album “Anchors” on August 13th. You can find them elsewhere on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

Ted Evans Band: Ted Evans is a singer-songwriter who has written hundreds of songs over the years, recording 3 EPs and 2 singles with Vorasek, who he still performs with to this day.  His emergence as a frontman transformed his songwriting, allowing him to hone his lyrical style.  With the help of his producer and a few session musicians, the Ted Evans Band was born and the group commenced recording their debut EP.  The band’s sound has transformed into what Ted calls “punk meets old time rock and roll.”  Find Ted Evans Band on SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook.

Glenn Tooth: Glenn Tooth is a local flute player, originally from Winnipeg, who “aspires to a jazz thing”.  He brings a talent for melodic and rhythmic improvisation to his music, which is happy, energetic and upbeat. Glenn is involved in several projects, which span swing, bop, bossa nova and latin genres.  In addition to a flute and guitar duo, he also plays with the local jazz band Street52 and can also be heard with Craig Jones and the 20th Century Band.  Find Glenn on SoundCloud and Facebook.

Every month, we comb Soundcloud looking for sounds that are unique to Kingston. We are constantly seeking out active musicians to show off to the local community and beyond. If you’re a musician who wants to be included in a future #ygkPlaylist, the first step is to get your original music up on Soundcloud and then follow us. We promise to follow you back, listen to your work and consider it for the monthly #ygkPlaylist.

Credit to mkutz2011 for the photo used in the background of of this month’s ygkPlaylist.

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