#ygkPlaylist: July 2015

This month’s #ygkPlaylist features and unlikely pairing of acts, each with a distinct sound and unique connection to Kingston.  Amanda Sadler is a lifelong musician slash country music newcomer who landed in Kingston to attend Queen’s.  Treebot appeared in Kingston with no knowledge of itself or where it came from, while this fascinating being employs looping, drums and otherworldly sounds.  Finally, The Mahones, who proudly originated from Kingston, have wowed audiences around the world with their brand of Canadian Irish-punk.  Have a listen to July’s ygkPlaylist below and be sure to check out all of these talented performers when they hit various local stages in the days and weeks to come.

Amanda Sadler: performed last night as a part of Pan Chancho’s popular Backyard BBQ series, and she has another gig tomorrow for ArtFest Kingston’s final day in City Park.  All of this leading up to her debut EP Release Party at the Brooklyn next month. Amanda’s debut album was recorded in Nashville with renowned session musician and producer, John Willis, whose worked with the likes of Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift and Toby Keith, just to name a few.  Find Amanda on Twitter and Facebook.

Treebot: appearing on Earth with no knowledge of itself or its origins, the Treebot knew only of its purpose: To assume the appearance of the dominant life form and impart wisdom to the lower life forms through sound. Originally the Treebot assumed the form of humans, but realized its mistake when it observed humans worshiping a higher form: screens. Whether it was televisions, computers or smartphones, humans gathered to worship and receive wisdom from these higher beings. The Treebot corrected its appearance and assembled a collection of machines for making sounds.  See Treebot in action at the Soul Shakedown at The Grad Club tonight; 3 July 2015.  Find Treebot on Facebook.

The Mahones: this Irish-born Canadian Irish punk band formed in Kingston on St. Patrick’s Day in 1990. They have gone on to release twelve albums, while their music has appeared in several major films, most notably The Fighter, which won two Academy Awards and several Golden Globes. The Mahones are linked to the late Joe Chithalen, who was their former bassist until his accidental death shortly after a European concert date in 1999.  The Mahones will return to Kingston and cause a unruly disturbance at The Mansion on 10 July 2015.  Find The Mahones on Twitter and Facebook.

Every month, we comb Soundcloud looking for sounds that are unique to Kingston. We are constantly seeking out active musicians to show off to the local community and beyond. If you’re a musician who wants to be included in a future #ygkPlaylist, the first step is to get your original music up on Soundcloud and then follow us. We promise to follow you back, listen to your work and consider it for the monthly #ygkPlaylist.

Credit to Lito Ochotorena for the photo used in the background of this month’s ygkPlaylist.


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