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running at Lemoine PointIf you can read this you’re probably sober, which is quite an accomplishment since local pubs, taverns, and saloons opened at 10am today to accommodate the craziness that is the FIFA World Cup.  While I personally won’t be taking any time off of work, nor do I plan on intentionally watching any of the matches, I have to say that I am all for extended bar hours.  While some spectators may get overly intoxicated, I think the average soccer fan simply enjoys a pint while cheering for their favorite team.  And perhaps twelve more if their team pulls off an upset victory.  Before we get too far along with the World Cup, let’s agree to keep the incessant post-game flag waving, horn honking, endless parade of cars down Princess Street to a minimum.  Our downtown is congested enough without the addition of soccer hooligans driving around in circles and showing off their allegiance via fantastically decorated Sunfires.  That shouldn’t be read as a slight against soccer, hooligans or Sunfires.  Unless you’re car is powered by your own sense of self-satisfaction, save us the emissions and the commuter anxiety.

Special thanks to Michel Soucy for today’s photo of a runner out at Lemoine Point Conservation Area.  I love the haze, which is rather appropriate considering the foggy soup most of the city woke up to today.

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