Who will be Kingston’s ‘next big thing’?

Photo credit: Nainoa Shizuru
Kingston has produced A LOT of great musical talent. Who will be next to make it big?

It’s no secret — because we tend to brag about it a lot — that Kingston has produced an awful lot of successful musicians for a city of this size. The Tragically Hip. Sarah Harmer / Weeping Tile. Bedouin Soundclash. David Usher. Hugh Dillon. The Abrams. The Mahones. The Inbreds. PS I Love You. The Arrogant Worms. Luther Wright & The Wrongs. Ryan Malcolm. Chris Brown.  Bryan Adams was born here. Zal Yanovsky called Kingston home for many years, though he had largely moved on from his music career by the time he opened Chez Piggy and Pan Chancho. And this is all just in the pop and rock world, without getting into several classical and jazz musicians that called Kingston home, particularly in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Most recently, Kingston’s The Glorious Sons have had two #1 Canadian rock singles, they have toured Australia, the US, and Europe, sold out the Leon’s Centre (previously the K-Rock Centre), and just opened for the Rolling Stones.

So, who is next? Which Kingston band or musician will be the next tough ticket to get? Who can be the next artist on the cover of the… well, none of the aforementioned artists graced the cover of Rolling Stone, but you get the idea.

For the purposes of this poll, we’ve used some admittedly loose criteria and selected Kingston artists that are:

  • gigging regularly (that could mean touring, a residency, ticketed shows) 
  • recording (signed or unsigned, but generally at least using a professional studio)
  • performing original material

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If we’ve missed someone, please let us know (gently) in the comments!

Note: Smitty has asked to be removed from this poll. We appreciate the public input, but we must respect the wishes of the artist.

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