Most Anticipated Spring Events in Kingston

spring events, pollWith Reelout, KCFF and The Scotties behind us, Kingstonians are coming out of hibernation and celebrating the arrival of March Break and the spring thaw.  Spring is a favourite time of year for many – it’s time to start anew, clean out closets, make plans for gardens and even toy with the idea of putting away our winter coats.  Along with the warmer weather comes many greatly anticipated annual events, as well as some new or one-time affairs like sports tournaments and concerts.  Taking a look at some of these special celebrations, this week’s poll asks:

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After a much colder, snowier, icier and slushier winter than that of 2012, I am very excited to see the tiny sprigs of green peaking up through the snow and am enjoying the extra sunlight at 7pm.  Living in a climate like ours really makes you appreciate the season changes and although I’m not a fan of winter, I’m glad we get to experience it because it makes this time of year so much more enjoyable.  So, fill us in.  What are you most looking forward to this spring?  Perhaps your favourite event isn’t listed above, so tell us about it below.  Happy March Break to those with the week off and here’s hoping I haven’t jinxed us with today’s post!

Thanks to Nordique for today’s photo.

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  • I LOVE ROLLER DERBY!!! I would not have thought of it but for a Derby Girl in the family, but it is a refreshingly REAL sport. It has the excitement and competition of other sports but it has inter-team camaraderie and support too, and THAT is why I like it. I also like that players organize themsleves and that it is so non-hierarchical. These are political-ish comments but the point is that this attitude to organization and respect shows up in the play: It's so much fun for whole families and the half time show introduces local musicians to new audiences…hope to see Swamp Ward Orchestra again!

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