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poll, best golf course, best golf club I don’t know a whole lot about golf.  I’ve never played, and although I have many friends and family who do, it’s just never appealed to me.  So I thought I’d take on this week’s poll about golf courses because I want everyone to be able to find a way to relate and vote.  Although I don’t golf, I have spent a surprising amount of time at various golf clubs for weddings, banquets and other types of events.  In my research, I was amazed to find out how many courses there are in the Kingston area.  The list below focuses on Kingston and Wolfe Island, but there are a ton of courses all around us in Verona, Bath, Odessa, Napanee, Joyceville…I could go on.

So what it is that makes a golf course your favourite?  Is it the layout of the course itself?  Or maybe your choice is based on green fees or the company who like to golf at the same club.  When it comes to planning an event, I would consider the quality of food and the atmosphere of the hall to be the most important elements.  A nice view doesn’t hurt either.  Golfer or not, taking these things into consideration, we ask you:

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If you are a golfer, we’d love to know where you choose to golf.  Are the courses in town on par with your golfing needs or is it worth it you to travel the extra distance to get what you want from a day on the green?  Drop off your comments below.

Thanks to State Library of Queensland, Australia who, are amazingly, the only people uploading golfing pics to the Flickr Commons.

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  • Golf, "a good walk spoiled" (Mark Twain). Gold courses are also amongst the worst polluters of local watercourses and despoilers of the natural environmental one can find. Apart from that, I am sure golf is a good time for all… ;)

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