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Charlie Pride

And Charlie came to town.

It is no secret I am not a country music fan, but I can recognize a good entertainer when I see one. With all the shows that I have covered in the past couple years, I have gained a new respect for the artists and their talent, which goes beyond a particular music genre. I quivered at the thought of shooting Anne Murray and came away with respect for her as a great performer. And again Saturday night a similar situation with Charlie Pride. I don’t think I know a single song he performs, nor would I go out and buy his music, but he had me smiling and laughing and the crowd certainly enjoyed themselves. He has spent many years refining his craft and has stood the test of time. It was a much older crowd, although I noticed a few young faces. Charlie is getting his music out there, thats for sure. Check out more images from the show in my portfolio, including photos of his little brother, Steven Pride, who opened the show.

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