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Bigfoot in Kingston
Bigfoot came to town!! Yes that’s right, we are talking about the legendary monster truck, not the Canadian folklore creature. Edge Motorsports, the same promoters that brought us the freestyle motocross FMX World Tour a couple months ago, brought us BigFoot and 5 others car destroyers! These monstrosities they call trucks are anything but normal trucks. Tires standing 6 feet tall, engines that can produce 1500 Hp, and an exhaust roar that puts even my motorbike’s exhaust note to shame. And believe me my bike is loud! Ear protection was a must at this show and so was being young at heart. This was a show for kids, gear heads and those who enjoy seeing things get crushed like a pancake.

On a side note, don’t let the empty seats around the floor make you think this was not a well attended show. These seats were left empty on purpose as a safety precaution just in case one of the trucks got a little to excited. Both shows Saturday night and Sunday afternoon were well received. There are lots more pictures in my new Monster Truck set.

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