Urban Capture the Flag

Urban Capture the Flag
I must admit that I am getting extremely tired with people saying: “you know it’s Spring because…”, insert something Spring-like here Captain Obvious. Hence it pains me to say it, but the ultimate sign that Spring has arrived has finally surfaced, and it will once and for all signify the commencement of 1 of the 3 best seasons this planet has going. This Thursday, April the 10th, Kingston’s first Spring session of Urban Capture the Flag will turn a small part of our city into a massive playground. Just what is Urban Capture the Flag you ask?

The concept is really is no different than the game you may have enjoyed as a child, however the city streets, sidewalks, and parks serve as the venue. Two teams hide their flags in their respective territories and attempt to capture the opposition’s flag using public transportation, bicycles, longboards and their own two feet to get around. Participants play this adrenaline-pumping game within preset geographic boundaries, communicate with teammates via cellphones, and identify/protect themselves using glow sticks and flashlights. People who’ve attended past events claim that “it’s a fun way to meet new people, exercise outdoors, and relive some of your childhood.”

Urban Capture the Flag has a modest following that spans across North America, with chapters that meet regularly in Toronto, Vancouver and now the Limestone City. Although some have criticized the game’s unauthorized use of private property, as well as the danger associated with unsafe pedestrians and reckless motorists, few charges have ever been handed out. In fact, organizers and field referees in some cities hand out penalties for jaywalking, which is a better way to learn than getting a ticket. Just like anything else, “Urban Capture the Flag can be safe and fun because people aren’t out to cause problems, or break the law.”

The capturing kicks off at 8pm, starting just outside The Sleepless Goat. I for one can’t wait to take part in the fun.

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  • What day? The Urban Capture the Flag link is broken.
    And the Sleepless goat has no information about the event.

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