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I love Twitter! I am so in love with Twitter! But whenever I say Twitter, I normally get a few confused looks glancing in my direction. Then someone might have a go and ask, “What is Twitter?”

Twitter is many things. It can be your daily news feed giving you updates around the globe. It could even be your sounding board for ideas and rants about simple things going on in your life right now. It could be anything within the limited 140 characters of text but it is far from boring.

For me, Twitter helps to connect with friends, associates, news people, and Kingston. People of all types in Kingston are slowly signing up. I have local bloggers, radio personalities, hockey franchises, and even the City of Kingston on my personal Twitter list. I even have Kingstonist! They all share interesting and diverse information ranging from their days events to new green initiatives such as the new Green Bins coming soon.

This new medium is giving me a new way of connecting with my city. I can get up to date information instantly. For instance, the City of Kingston just messaged that there is a community meeting discussing the redevelopment of the North Block. I could have found that in a local paper buried somewhere in the back with all those other advertisements a week from now, however, I got this information instantly on my computer screen now. That’s quick! Plus, it is a little more personal. The City of Kingston sent out a call and I heard. Besides, I wouldn’t have actively looked in the back of an old rusty newspaper. I read Kingstonist.

Twitter is offering a bit more than city planning. Just recently, the Kingston Frontenacs had a special competition where they were giving away tickets to a game if you replied to their Twitter profile. Kingstonians were all a twitter (pun intended). Once they received enough responses, the Kingston Frontenacs asked for the first person on Twitter to choose a random number which would decide the winner. I called out that number! Yeah! I didn’t win. But I know that the Frontenacs aren’t sitting back and playing hockey. They are actively engaging their fans and customers in any way they can.

Slowly but surely people are jumping onboard. The numbers in Kingston are slowly growing steadily. I think we may be at the dawn of a new way of communicating with Kingston and our community. When are you joining Twitter?

Tyffanie Morgan

Tyffanie Morgan has retired as a contributor to Kingstonist. As the city's one and only drag queen, Tyffanie Morgan's contributions to Kingstonist revolve around the local LGBTQ scene and activism. Tyffanie also offers commentary regarding pedestrian rights, public transit, and neighbourhood politics. Learn more about Tyffanie...

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