TV Desserts with Rueben DeGroot

TV Desserts with Rueben DeGroot

Gather around the campfire as we prepare to enjoy yet another generous helping of Lenny Epstein’s TV Desserts. Today’s tasty treat features local singer, songwriter, and big red hat wearin’ truck driver, Rueben DeGroot. Rueben and his band are just coming off of a 10-day tour of Ontario, which included stops in Toronto, Guelph, Ottawa and the Limestone City. In case you missed them, be sure to check out Rueben and his band playing at the Mansion, each and every Sunday night.

Lenny sets up this episode of TV Desserts by providing some humorous, meringue-filled commentary.

The incredible Adam Stutt is the newest Apple Crisp video maker to direct an episode of TV Desserts and this is his first of what will hopefully be many videos from Adam. With Greg’s help, they wrangled Gus and Penelope’s Right Spot Diner in downtown Kingston for this shoot. Rueben, Asia and Lowell came out for an afternoon song and snack. They sure didn’t need any help finishing off the lemon meringue pie. Greg insisted that newborns should not receive any sort of custard filling but good luck convincing Daddy “a little custard never hurt nobody” DeGroot, and next you know, little baby Lowell is making a less appealing custard of his own.

Note: the bit about feeding pie to a newborn infant was fabricated for the sake of a little potty humour.

If you like what you hear throw down some comments below, or better yet, go see Rueben perform live.

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