TV Desserts with Ohbijou

TV Desserts with OhbijouIn my ongoing quest to discover new online tidbits of information concerning the Limestone City, I search for terms such as “Kingston, Ontario”, and I am often surprised by results such as the latest from KGH Food Services’  Lately though I’ve noticed a really terrible trend on YouTube of all places, which seems to have been overcome by page after page of junk ads for automobiles, nursing homes, auto insurance, mortgage brokers and even real estate.  While I appreciate the fact that YouTube is both a free and open service, I yearn for the days when I could conduct a search and find actually relevant, local content.  Nowadays it seems as though YouTube is immune to interesting and entertaining videos tagged “Kingston, Ontario”.

So where have all of Kingston’s videographers gone?  Kingston’s most notable video bloggers have either retired or shifted their attention to blogging.  Even the talented folks who prepared the popular TV Desserts series for the Apple Crisp Music Video Club have been too busy to provide a new release in quite some time. After checking the TV Desserts’ repository, it’s encouraging to read that there are a few unreleased videos in their vault, as well as a desire to “do some more soon”. With Kingston’s deplorable YouTube situation in mind, I thought it was appropriate to feature the last great episode of TV Desserts, which features Toronto’s indie-sensation, Ohbijou.  While the video may be old news to some, I hope that it inspires and reminds us of how great Kingston’s creative minds are.

It has been over one year since we shot this at the 2009 Wolfe Island Music Festival. Ohbijou makes such beautiful music and the sailboat, which we hijacked at the old Marina in Marysville on Wolfe Island makes a super location for this casual ensemble performance of ‘The Woods’

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