TV Desserts with Nich Worby

TV Desserts with Nich Worby

About a month ago, we unleashed the first episode of TV Desserts, which is best described as raw and real recordings of musicians playing in various public locations around Kingston.  Without the aid of voice overs, blue screens or camera cranes, Lenny Epstein has created a fantastic series, which introduces up and coming musicians to the masses.  Although it would make better sense to post them on Kingstonist in sequence, I was instantly drawn to episode 7, featuring Nich Worby.  Mr. Epstien sets the scene for this episode of TV Desserts as follows:

This was shot with Nich at Kingston’s Skeleton Park (McBurney Park). It gets its name from the fact that the park is built upon thousands of dead bodies. It was originally a cemetery where many Irish immigrants were buried after dying of typhoid fever. Now, it has been reincarnated as a popular play destination for neighbourhood kids.

Nich used to live just around the corner from here when he was a student before he moved to Toronto. He told me that the park’s resident owl used to loiter on a branch outside his window and watch the television in Nich’s room. The owl, like Nich, has moved away.

The song and video are simply fantastic. After you hit the play button below, be sure to check out some of the other episodes of TV Desserts over on Lenny’s Vimeo page.

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