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TimKnightUs, Irina Skvortsova, Music Video, Kingston, OntarioClean off your favourite dessert spoons, because today we’re serving up the latest batch of Apple Crisp, featuring Irina Skvortsova’s music video for TimKnightUs’ Kansas. Despite my best efforts to hunt down a proper biography for the group, the best I could come up with is as follows:

TimKnightUs is an orchestration of the variable dynamics associated with that pesky ringing in your ears — calculated aural assaults give rise to ambient textures and hypnotic minimalist house tempered with an acidic tonality.  Lamppost, O1sound and Trimmer (I’m guessing these are the band members) use synthesizer, theremin, and a variety of wax cylinders in a balance of improvisation and predetermined forms.

That is all to say that TimKnightUs has a truly distinct sound, which you might classify as experimental, minimalist, electronic, or even ambient.  The combination of their track with the stop motion video reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Le Petit Prince meets claymation.  My favourite part of the entire video has to be the mysterious reflection in the Space Traveller’s visor, which occurs around the 3:10 mark.  Be sure to hit the play button below, and drop a few comments in the bucket further on down.

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