The Wreck of Navy Bay

Kingston shipwreck

Instead of focusing on events on the surface, today we’re sinking to a whole new level.  Did you know that Kingston is widely recognized  as one of the best locations for fresh water diving thanks in part to numerous ship wrecks in and around the mouths of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence?  Popular wrecks include:  the Wolfe Islander II (steel ferry), Munson (dredging ship), and Comet (wooden sidewheel steamer) just to name a few.  These historic underwater landmarks attract divers from around the world, and are responsible for umpteen diving clubs around the Limestone City.

Recently, Preserve Our Wrecks, a Kingston-based organisation dedicated to protecting and preserving historic shipwrecks, gave a presentation at the local Marine Museum on the topic of identifying an unknown vessel on the bottom of Navy Bay.  Based on an underwater survey, Nadine Kopp suggested that the wreck is likely a warship from the early 19th century.  Although Preserve Our Wrecks doesn’t know which warship it is, a shortlist of possible candidates is floating around (groan, or maybe it sunk). For the underwater set, this is an exciting development that could eventually attach another name and history one of Kingston’s remaining mystery ships.

After our recent trip down south, the only thing I can honestly say that I regret not trying is diving. Perhaps this most recent discovery will serve as motivation for me to finally get in the pool and give it a shot. If you like to dive, please comment and let me know who you would recommend for training, and what are the startup costs? Special thanks to SteelCityHobbies for use of the picture at the top.  Be sure to hit play on the video below for some AquaMen/Women in training at the old Queen’s pool.

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