Tett Center shows Kirk Dunn’s The Knitting Pilgrim

Photo via Kirk Dunn.


The Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning will host The Knitting Pilgrim, a one-hour play co-written by Kirk Dunn and wife Claire Ross Dunn with the support of the Toronto Arts Council tonight at 8pm. Born in Kingston, Dunn is an actor, writer, corporate consultant, and knitter. The Knitting Pilgrim explores Dunn’s artistic and spiritual journey as well as the themes of interfaith understanding, creativity, and empathy.

Directed by Jennifer Tarver, the multidisciplinary one-person theatrical experience will feature a textile installation called Stitched Glass. The installation, which weighs over 90 pounds and took Dunn 15 years to knit, consists of a triptych of large hand-knitted tapestries designed in the style of stained-glass windows. Stitched Glass examines the commonalities and conflicts amongst Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and Dunn says he hopes it will “create conversation.”

“A conversation between all people – believers and non-believers – who find themselves in conflict. How can we better understand and empathize with each other?” Dunn asked. “Everyone has a unique background, point of view, and experience, and at the same time, many experiences are universal. Focusing on what knits us together, rather than what pulls us apart, is a place to start.”

Dunn will be leading a knitting workshop between 12 and 3pm on Friday, May 18, 2019 at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning. The Knitting Pilgrim will be shown at the Tett at 8pm on Friday, May 18, 2019.  Knitting is encouraged during the show if audience members are so inclined.


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