Table Manners From 1909

Table Manners

In anticipation of large festive gatherings in the week to come, we thought we would enlighten you on the most practical rules regarding table manners from 1909. These rules of etiquette, from the “Search Lights on Health” book series, will help to improve your social duties as a guest. Take note. Included are such interesting pearls of wisdom as: “Should you find yourself at a table where they have old-fashioned steel forks, eat with your knife, as the others do, and do not let it be seen that you have any objection.”; or, particularly apt for Thanksgiving – “In eating game or poultry do not touch the bones with your fingers. To take a bone in the fingers for the purpose of picking it, is looked upon as being very inelegant.”; and last but not least “Should you be so unfortunate as to overturn or to break anything, you would make no apology. You might let your regret appear in your face, but it would not be proper to put it in words.” Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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