Skateful Dead double-header today

The Skateful Dead hit the track at the Memorial Centre this afternoon.

This afternoon (Saturday, Jul. 28,2018) at the Memorial Centre, the Skateful Dead will at likely end up the Skateful Dead Tired. The roller derby team plays two matches today, the first against Ottawa’s Bytown Blackhearts, the second against the Belleville Bombshells.

“It’s important to rehydrate,” says Justine Aman, spokesperson for the Kingston Derby Girls, the local league that supports the Skateful Dead and other local teams. “And rest between games. But the adrenaline is pumping, so our skaters are riding that high.”

Many of the players on this year’s Skateful Dead roster have been together for at least two seasons, and Aman is expecting a strong showing from the team today.

“There are so many variables, but you can be sure that the Skateful Dead is strong this year,” she says. “We have won most of our bouts this season. Training together over that time has its advantages.”

Currently in its 9th season, Kingston Derby Girls hosts four home bouts each year at the Memorial Centre. The game is played on a flat track with five players per team. The object is to get the lead jammer to skate past players on the opposing team, thus scoring points. As in most sports, the team with most points win. KDG bouts at the Memorial Centre are well-known for having track-side seating, referred to as the danger zone, plus vendors, live entertainment, a food truck, and local craft beer.

With its 10th anniversary coming up, the league is beginning to make plans to mark the occasion.
“There has been talk about a Derby Prom,” says Aman.  “Every KDG skater in the past decade would be invited to celebrate all of the amazing things Kingston Derby Girls have accomplished over the years.”
For now, Aman and The Skateful Dead are focused on the bout at hand, but have a warning for today’s opposition.
“We are strong and deadly.”
Tickets are $15 at the door. Kids 10 and under are free.  Additional details are here.

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