Royal Candian Rifle Regiment, 1865

Royal Candian Rifle Regiment, Kingston, OntarioThis wonderful composite photograph (c.1865) is owned by Fort Henry, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, but housed at Queen’s University Archives. A composite photograph is made by combining distinct photographs on one plate or background. This particular image is a fine example of the combination of both artistic and photographic art. The walls, molding, and floor, as well as the puffs of cloud in the sky, were all hand-drawn, while other elements such as the window, the table in the foreground, and the officers, were photographed and developed before being adhered to the surface: old school cut and paste. The background, as can be seen through the archway on the left, shows the Royal Military College campus and downtown Kingston in the distance. There are a total of 33 portraits in the photograph, but only 31 have ever been identified.


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