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Neil Young concert in Kingston

Kingstonist enjoys the company of a small band of loyal volunteer writers, photogs and the like, who are ultimately the source of the fresh content that’s delivered daily.  As you can well imagine, we all have busy lives, but more often than not we remember our cameras and notepads so that we can capture and document the goings on around the Limestone City.  That said, we aren’t all seeing and all knowing.  Thankfully there’s you!  Not only do we ask our readers to comment on the content we’ve created, but we also ask you to send us your photos, videos, and ideas for exciting articles.

On that note, I was extremely disappointed that I could not attend the Neil Young concert last night, but alas my time and bank account were unavailable.  This man is a Canadian music icon, and there’s no tell if he’ll ever be in town again. Thankfully, one of our trusty readers, Andy Williams, send along a few images so that we could share in the experience.   He writes:

I don’t know if you are going to have an entry on your site about the concert, but my girlfriend and I were the first ones to line up and were front and center the entire show. We got there at around 11:15am and parked ourselves outside the general admission gate until we had the chance to sprint across the rink to the stage. I thought I would send you a few pics that you may want to consider for your site. Hopefully you had a chance to catch the show and had a great time!

Perfect! You can see a few more of Andy’s photos on our Flickr. If you were also at last night’s show and wouldn’t mind sharing some of your images and/or videos, please send them my way: hkirkpatrick[at]kingstonist[dot]com.  I’d really appreciate it. Further, that invite goes for all future events at the K-Rock Centre, and should extend to anything else you want to see on Kingstonist. Send us your content and help make Kingstonist a bit more all seeing and all knowing. If nothing else, comments on last night’s concert are also appreciated.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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3 thoughts on “Rockin’ in The Free World

  • I went last night and it was AMAZING. I’m a huge Neil Young fan and the concert exceeded all my expectations.

    I was thinking of taking my camera to capture some of the action, but then I saw on my ticket it said no cameras allowed so I left it at home. But when we got there, everyone had cameras and was taking pictures and the event staff didn’t seem to mind. I wish I knew that ahead of time!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures though Andy, it was a night that me and my wife will remember for a while.

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