Researching the History of Homes in Kingston

Map, Kingston, Ontario, David Rumsey, 1715,
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Have you ever been interested in researching your house? Queen’s Archives has a number of resources available for a variety of houses in our fair City. The thumbnail on the left (click to enlarge) is a page from Margaret Angus’ files on various buildings whose history she had traced through her work with the Local Architectural Conservancy Advisory Committee (LACAC). Files such as this along with assessment roles, city directories and fire insurance maps can help in researching the history of your house or a house that has been of interest in your neighbourhood. LACAC, which is currently known as the Heritage Kingston Committee, also has a resource centre located in City Hall where you can consult resources related to heritage planning, conservation and cultural heritage where staff and experienced volunteers can assist property owners to access information about expertise available, maintenance techniques and information regarding heritage conservation; provide resources related to cultural heritage in all its forms (built, associative narrative and natural); as well as guide you to resources to assist in historical property research.

Queen's Archives

Queen's Archives regular column on Kingstonist showcases our city's rich history via assets sourced from their vast collection. Their contributions stimulate dialog regarding the places, people and events that have shaped Kingston. Learn more about Queen's Archives...

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