Recording Formats Held at Queen’s Archives

Obsolete Audio EquipmentCalling all audiophiles! The Kingston Symphony Volunteer Committee’s Vinyl Records Sale is coming next week (March12 –15 ). While it is called the vinyl record sale there will also be cds, dvds, and audio equipment for sale. We thought it provided a good opportunity to showcase some of the recording formats we hold here at Queen’s Archives. Pictured above is a 16in 33 1/3 lp radio transcription disc of Premier Abherhart’s Sunday Radio program (this record plays from the inside out); an uncoated aluminum disc of U.S. President Roosevelt receiving an honourary degree from Queen’s (fairly rare format as most available aluminum was melted down for various war efforts); a variety of reel to reel magnetic tapes; a wax cylinder Dictaphone Corporation recording of Arthur Lower (you could scrape or melt down the grooves to record on the same cylinder) and some Preston Monogram Discs for Sound Recording with interviews of Queen’s football favorites Guy Curtis and Alfred Pierce. If you are interested in seeing more obsolete audio equipment check out

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