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CBC Q, Jian-GhomeshiWell, hello there.  Happy Friday.

If you’re a fan of CBC’s Q, you know those words well.  For the last week or so, if you’re on Facebook, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen the new page that has been started up by Kingston fans of Q, hosted by former Moxy Fruvous member, Jian Ghomeshi.  Recently a grass roots campaign that began with one Tweet from London, ON has created a rivalry between cities in Ontario vying for Jian’s attention with the hopes of him bringing his popular interview-based show to their town for a live recording.  The show, for those who haven’t heard it (and you should, it’s really good.  It airs on CBC Radio 1 at 10am and 10pm weekdays) focuses on arts, culture and entertainment and tackles important issues of the day.  Interviewees have ranged from Van Morrison, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Jodie Foster, Stephen King, Gloria Steinem, Margaret Atwood, Lily Tomlin,  and Bjork as well as full bands such as Wilco, Rush, Sonic Youth, Bruce Peninsula and our very own PS I Love You…I could go on all day.  The list is extremely impressive.

Over the years, Jian has taken the show on the road and done live recordings in various large cities such as Montreal, Winnipeg, Chicago, Calgary and, naturally, Toronto.  A group of Kingstonians have decided it’s time he come see what we’re all about, and those of us at Kingstonist agree.  Since this all began about a week ago, various projects have sprung up in Kingston to show Jian why we are the city that deserves the next live show.  You can print and cut out a miniature version of Jian to take around town with you and photograph in your favourite spots, there will be an impromptu filming outside the Grand Theatre this Saturday at 1pm if you’d like to give your two cents on camera, songs and letters are being written, top 100 lists are being made and general arguments for why Kingston is a great, cultural city are being posted on Facebook.

This is where you come in.  If you’re a fan of the show and would like to see it live in Kingston, this is your chance to help make that happen.  The Grand Theatre, who is a large part of this initiative, is asking for open letters to Jian explaining why we’re the town to visit.  Jian recently posted on the Q blog that his team is looking for the city that is unique and passionate about the arts.  I think Kingston has that covered hands down.  They’re also looking for community support so the more people who get involved in the campaign, the better.  Let’s tell Jian about our incredible music scene, our many theatres and theatre companies, our post-secondary institutions, our galleries, skating rinks, farmers’ market,  wind farm, prison farm…I could, once again, go on all day.  Let’s prove to him that Kingston is the town to visit next.  You can help by sharing your thoughts here, on the Facebook page or on the Q Blog as well as giving the page a “Like” and sharing it with your friends.  The winning city will be announced on next Thursday’s show.

Thanks to Andrea Francq for today’s pic.

Danielle Lennon

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4 thoughts on “Q in Kingston

  • I think Reelout would be a good thing to mention, it must be one of Canada's longest running small-town queer film festivals.

  • I think it would be a great idea to have Jian host a show in Kingston. His show is generally always well-researched and informative. Something that is often lacking in today's media environment.

  • Bringing Jian to Kingston is a great idea. His interviews are generally well-researched and informative, and it is refreshing for a media personality to make an attempt to genuinely understand and relate to his subject.

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