Presentation of the Conceptual Design Plan for Breakwater Park

In late 2011 the City partnered with KFL&A Public Health in submitting an application for 8-80 Cities “Make a Place for People” project. On December 17, 2011, the City of Kingston was notified that it was one of six municipalities out of thirty four (34) applications that was selected as part of the “Make a Place for People” project.

The 8-80 Cities team, lead by Gil Penalosa, held its first “visioning” consultation with the public on Breakwater Park on February 12, 2012. During their time in Kingston they had on-site visit at the park between February 15-18, 2012 and collected information on how Breakwater Park was currently being used. They compiled that information into a data report and reviewed it with the public at a second ‘visioning’ workshop on June 14, 2012. 8-80 Cities revisited the park for a second time to gather more information on park usage from June 13-16, 2012.

On October 3, Claude Cormier + Associes, Landscape Architects, will present their conceptual design plan for Breakwater Park.

Information from community consultations done in partnership with KFL&A Public Health with 8-80 Cities “Make a Place for People” have been instrumental in the vision and design direction for the park. The final report from 8-80 Cities is available as a PDF.

Key Features of the Breakwater Conceptual Design Plan

  • 4 metre wide multiuse pathway
  • 2 metre wide sidewalk along King Street
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Terraced steps to the shoreline
  • Additional benches and picnic tables
  • Improvements to the shoreline beach areas
  • Maintaining the double line of silver maple trees
  • Pedestrian bridge to Utilities Kingston dock
  • Upland sand beach area
  • Umbrellas
  • Terraced steps to water’s edge

The City of Kingston

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