POLL: What type of restaurant does Kingston need?

We’ve recently polled Kingstonians on what type of business we need in the city, and what type of store the Cataraqui Centre needs, but now we want to get a little more specific and find out what type of restaurant Kingston needs. 

With the pending arrival of what appears to be a legitimate Korean BBQ at the corner of Princess and Portsmouth, there has been some discussion about what other cuisines are underrepresented in Kingston.

Now, some may say that Kingston already has enough restaurants, seeing as we have among the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada (it’s been claimed that we have the highest, but we can’t verify that).

What we’re asking here is not about specific chains that you hope will come to town, nor is it about getting a better version of something we already have. We also know some of these options are available in delis or at farmer’s markets, but to our knowledge, none are available from a restaurant (if we missed something, please let us know!). 

So, what type of cuisine can you just not get at a restaurant in Kingston? Is it something you tried abroad and have been craving ever since? Did you see something on Food Network and say “OMG we need that here!”?  Well, here’s your chance to let everyone know what you want to eat next in Kingston!

What type of restaurant do we need in Kingston?

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