POLL: Kingston’s best pet store

Research suggests that there are pets in around 60% of Canadian households. All those pets need to be fed, entertained, and cleaned up after. Some may feel the need to be fashionable (disclaimer: I don’t think pets need to be fashionable). And it’s not just dogs and cats: plenty of people might own birds, fish, rabbits, lizards, or mini donkeys.

In Kingston, we have quite a number of stores available to help you keep your pets happy and healthy. There are four local, independent stores: Urban Paws, which covers dogs and cats, Birds n Paws, which covers dogs, cats, and birds, or Finaddicts, which covers most types of pets that aren’t dogs or cats. There’s also Big Paw Pet Food & Supplies – they seem to cover pretty much all the major land animals. 

In the chain category, Canadian company Ren’s Pets opened three weeks ago in the RioCan Centre, occupying the building previously occupied by Atmosphere. Also in the RioCan is PetSmart, which remains the largest pet store in Kingston, covering more than 16,000 square feet. Pet Valu has three Kingston locations, including the only option for the east end of the city. Global Pet Foods, which calls itself the largest Canadian-own pet retailer has two locations, central and west end. And for bird lovers, there is the Urban Nature Store, which offers supplies for both owning birds or watching birds. 

So our question to you, Kingstonians, is what is your favourite pet store?  Do you like supporting locally-owned businesses, or do you prefer the larger stores that seem to carry everything you could possibly want for your pet? Maybe only one store sells a specific product that you need for your pet? Vote in the poll below and let us know in the comments. Bonus points for pictures of your pet!

What is your favourite pet store?

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