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This past Friday, Harvey and I and a couple of friends went to The Mansion to check out Pico de Gallo.  I had heard about this band over and over again but had yet had a chance to actually see them.  I’m so glad I finally did.

Pico de Gallo is about to celebrate its 13th year as a band.  Over the years over thirty different musicians have played with them.  Last Friday’s line up included Kyle Cameron on congas and percussion, Andy Love on kit and vocals, Spencer Evans on keys, vocals and clarinet, Jonathan “Bunny” Stewart on tenor and soprano sax, James Wannamaker on alto sax, Luz Del Alba Marques on vocals and Paul Muller on bass and percussion.

Although all of these talented, local musicians have other projects on the go, they always come back to Pico every few months to put on a great party.  Some of the band’s highlights include playing the late night slot at the 25th anniversary of the Blue Skies Music Festival in Clarendon, ON, playing in front of city hall for the very first “day of action” protesting Mike Harris’ “common sense revolution” and playing to packed, sweaty houses at the Wellington/Scherzo (now The Iron Duke).

Keep your eyes and ears open for more Pico de Gallo fun in the future.  They’re fun and talented and full of energy.  I dare you to stand still.  For a taste of what to expect, check out the video below.

Danielle Lennon

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  • …or at least wipe the vaseline off this one…KIDDING!
    thanks fer the review guys! You'll be the first to know about our next show!

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