3 thoughts on “Opinion: The not-so-reassuring news on COVID-19 in KFL&A

  • I appreciate Dr. Zoutman’s comments and his statistics may be true. Unfortunately, his article (in my opinion) causes more harm than good. His letter whips up panic or at least seeks to. Citing “high deaths” and inaccuracy in reporting (hinting at a cover up or intentional misleading by a government not to be trusted) his letter reinforces an unfortunate hysteria and encourages people who might be returning to “normal” to be paranoid again. This is unfortunate as I think we all know and have seen people who can’t get past their fear and who, as a result, are failing to live and thrive in their daily living. They hide, they refuse to socialize, they don’t go out, they cower waiting and hoping not to be wiped out by virus that they are convinced will kill everyone. What a sad life. Dr. Zoutman contributes to these people’s fragile state of mind. So please stop it. I’d say something different if we could read what Dr. Zoutman wrote and come away with a solution or a proactive step that could actually be useful. Unfortunately, all he offers is 1) more vaccination (boosters), and 2) wear masks. This is hardly useful or helpful. Those who will boost will do so–and those who haven’t really are unlikely to do so. Wearing masks–apparently indefinitely, will only serve to play goalie against covid. Eventually though, even the greatest goalies get scored upon–hence, we’re all getting covid one day and nothing Dr. Zoutman suggests as a course of action will stop that from happening. Hence, the only truly useful thing to do is to live your life fully and enjoy family, friends, colleagues and those things you find fulfilling. Use the vaccines–they work, and trust in God (or yourself if God isn’t your thing) as our hospitals have capacity to treat and provide care WHEN your turn at covid comes and you happen to draw a short straw and suffer badly.

  • Well said. Keeping the mask mandate for indoor public spaces would be the prudent thing to do until the number of cases drops to zero or near zero. Too bad, politics trumped common sense and scientific evidence once more when the mask mandates were dropped.

  • The only truly useful thing to do is to remain cautious. This isn’t causing panic at all. If you had a vulnerable person at home, you would think about protecting them, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather the elderly in your family die sooner than they might. Personally I’m not panicked at all and am quite comfortable wearing a mask indoors.

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