5 thoughts on “Opinion: Queen’s University and antisemitism

  • Students at Queen’s are very fortunate to be able to find a safe place away from this madness at Chabad and Hillel.
    Kudos to both of these excellent organizations for their tireless efforts on behalf of the Jewish students on campus.

  • The complexies of the socio-political factors driving conflict in the middle east are unfathomable to those of us who are not living in the midst of that conflict, especially those of us who are neither Jew nor Palestinian. Do the locals even understand these factors? This makes it almost impossible, from this distance, to comment intelligently from any viewpoint including moral. All we can do is look with sadness on how we, as history clearly shows us, never learn and persist in “othering” those not like us, in this case, reducing that to blood sport.
    The Palestians seem to me (in my ignorance) to be the “ham in the sandwich” between Hamas and the Israelis. Hamas is the elected government in Palestine, but, again, we really don’t know what that means in real terms, and whether the majority of the Palestinian population supports Hamas. And then, there is the outside interference, clearly known to be from Iran. What is the Palestinian person on the street to do with those only interested in using populations and territory as chess pieces on a chess board? It seems to me that this is the view the media begin to take; growning sympathy for the Palestinians issues out of that perception of them being caught between fractious politicians and regional interests and the resulting devastation of Gaza. Bad press for the Israelis grows as this increasingly symathetic picture of the Palestinians grows. Anti-semitism is on the rise, there is no doubt. Real-time press is not helping this. As Aristotle noted, drawing fine distinctions is not a characteristic of the masses. So the press gains credibility and drives public opinion in those quarters. It is a non-reflective response. There is no easy answer to the experience of Jewish students and others who are bearing the brunt of this kind of arrogant ignorance. There is no easy anwer to the plight of my muslim class mates who are regularly branded terrorists. It’s so sad. All one can do is one’s own small part to hold back the tides of “othering” and hatred. There are days when sholom just seems out of reach and that G-d is unfair…These are the ramblings of a puzzled Christian by the way…

  • This is not an ‘opinion piece’ but rather and sadly, an observation of real world and local events.
    It would be nice if we were “better than this” Rabbi, but the veneer is thin and easily scratched.

  • Well said and thoughtfully presented. Antisemitism is another kind of tribalism displayed by anti-intellectuals. Too many Queens students and their Kingston neighbours get a failing grade in history for this.

  • Beautifully written. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts. I hope that people will hear you respectfully.

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