7 thoughts on “Opinion: City Council as flight attendants – are you safe?

  • Thanks for sharing Dianna! Sounds pretty shady! Definitely dangerous too with those fire systems being neglected.

  • It is difficult to understand why empty units would not be filled. Are they “empty” or are there contents left behind?

    • They leave a few things in there. Another one is used for storage while the tenant lives on another floor with her bf. Still another one has all of the person’s belongings but she herself is rarely physically here.

      These are units that FAMILIES could be living in easing the burden on local shelters and warming centers.

  • Ms Donnelly has written a very good article and raised awareness on what we must call a waste of tax payers money. I sincerely hope that City Council sees the error of negligence of underused subsidized housing units even though some landlord councillors would feel a financial pinch.

    • Guess what Barrie … the fire alarm battery was changed by the superintendent a week later. Then yesterday I noticed it was beeping again so I told the super. She once again entered without notice and stood confused at why the alarm was still beeping.

      Then she realized it was because it’s too cold in that unit. I mean, no one lives there right? So y’know what she did? She turned the heat on.

      And the wheels on the bus go round n’ round n’ round again.

  • I know this post is a bit dated but I’m wondering has anything changed. Time to check on this very important issue again. Great letter

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