Letter of official complaint to Limestone District School Board

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The following is a letter to the editor regarding an official complaint filed with the Limestone District School Board. The views and opinions expressed in this letter do not necessarily reflect those of Kingstonist.

Dear Editor,

I have submitted the below letter to Chair Ruttan with an official complaint into the governance at the Limestone District School Board. I believe it is time for an independent investigation of the public’s concerns.

Se:kon Chairperson Ruttan,

I am registering my written complaint regarding the governance style and practices of the LDSB. Your attention is required.

The following reasons outlines issues which I believe have not been handled in a respectful inclusive proper manner.

You are responsible for…

Breaches of proper governance on the part of the Board of Trustees.

Examples of improper governance include the unnecessary censuring of two publicly elected Trustees and the mishandling of the Indigenous education funding, specifically enveloped.

As a leader in this Indigenous community it was most distressing to discover that the Board of Trustees has not adequately ensured that the annual 1 and a half million dollar funding for Indigenous education is properly accounted for.

You have not consulted the Indigenous Education Advisory Council ( IEAC) nor have you ensured financial and program outcomes reporting.

I am therefore requesting an independent investigation of the public’s concerns.

Sken:ne Laurel Claus Johnson.

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