2 thoughts on “Letter in response to opinion piece on Kingston’s Sleeping Cabins debate

  • There are alternatives to putting homeless people into sheds (without plumbing). The City Council and City staff have repeatedly overlooked the potential use of surplus and vacant housing for more than eight years. A prime example is the federal half-way house built for female inmates at 525 King Street West, (which remains vacant). Unfortunately, City staff aimed to reduce the number of beds for emergency homeless shelters in the ridiculous belief that chronic homelessness in Kingston would become a “relic of the past” by 2023. Thus, shelters were shut down, and a subsidized rental program was promoted for the troublesome homeless that shelters didn’t want, “Housing First.” In 2013, the City and County needed to build 1700 affordable housing units, over the next decade. They didn’t even come close! Now, they need to build 6000 affordable housing units. Kingston has a “homelessness industry” consisting of numerous social and charitable programs which perpetuate the problem, instead of solving it. Ontario and the City need to build “rent-geared-to-income” social housing, (not “tiny homes,” “secondary suites,” “sleeping cabins,” etc.); and, meanwhile, the City should find transitional housing to eliminate the unhealthy encampments of the homeless, which the few remaining shelters and charities have failed to accommodate. It’s a mess; it was entirely predictable; and, it’s immoral!

  • Hearty congratulations for tackling such a major problem with caring

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