Letter – Hsu responds to ‘misleading’ information from NDP

Screenshot of the votes in favour of MPP Ian Arthur’s motion to designate Kingston and the Islands an ‘Area of High Physician Need,’ taken from the House Documents of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website. Liberal MPPs Blais, Fraser, and Simard all voted in favour of the motion.

The following is a submitted Letter to the Editor from Ted Hsu, Liberal candidate for MPP for Kingston and the Islands. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of The Kingstonist.

A Monday, Nov. 23, 2020 article in Kingstonist (“NDP: No help coming…“) quoted an NDP press release that day regarding MPP Ian Arthur’s motion on Kingston’s family doctor shortage. The press release misleadingly stated that Liberal MPPs did not support the motion. Indeed the press release sent to Kingstonist stated that not one Liberal voted in support.

As the Kingstonist article related, “According to the release, Arthur said he’s shocked and disappointed that the Conservative government voted down his motion in support of a strategy to bring more family doctors to Kingston, and that not one Liberal showed up to support Kingston, either.

This claim by the NDP is simply contrary to the record of votes in the legislature. On Monday November 23, three Liberal MPPs (Fraser, Blais and Simard) were present in the chamber and voted in favour of MPP Ian Arthur’s motion. The record also shows that 14 of 40 NDP MPPs, or 35%, voted in favour of the motion. In contrast to the claim that Liberals did not support the motion, 3 of 8 or 37.5% of Liberal MPPs, a higher percentage than the NDP, were present and voted to support Kingston!

MPP Arthur’s party needs to be a bit more careful with their facts.

Ted Hsu
Liberal candidate for MPP

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