Letter: Action against Hillier ‘censorship’

Randy Hillier, independent MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston. Photo via twitter.

Editorial note: The following is a submitted letter to the Editor in reference to a recent motion before Kingston City Council seeking to inform the provincial government of its condemnation of MPP Randy Hillier’s recent actions. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of The Kingstonist.

Dear Kingston City Council,

In my mind, any action against Randy Hillier is censorship of free speech, plain and simple. And that, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is a slippery slope.

Furthermore, there are thousands of Ontarians who support Randy Hillier and so you’re not merely attempting to silence ONE dissenting voice. This action would actively attempt to silence thousands of voices of tax-paying citizens. There’s that slippery slope.

The idea that council must silence Randy Hillier because they deem his actions “dangerous” is insulting to my intelligence and to the intelligence of every Canadian who agrees with his stance. The ways Hillier chooses to push change may not be how others would do it, but at his core he is pushing freedom — something Canada held dear not so long ago.

Please don’t do this. Please pivot your time, energy and all resources that would be put into this action against a fellow Politician, and fix our ongoing and ever-increasing housing issue!

Once again, ANY funds put towards forming a committee on silencing a fellow Politician that many tax-paying Kingstonians support would be highly hypocritical, somewhat unethical, and totally misplaced energy and tax-dollars.

Dianna Donnelly
Kingston resident

4 thoughts on “Letter: Action against Hillier ‘censorship’

  • Dear Dianna:
    I helped to organize the two largest protests in the history of the Province of Ontario, and we filled the entire front lawn at Queen’s Park, and the street surrounding Queen’s Park TWICE in 2 weeks. I was the first guest speaker after the 3 politicians spoke. I saw masses of humanity in front of me. There were so many people I couldn’t see the lawn. I have NO ISSUE with people expressing their democratic rights as long as it is done:


    It is the WAY, and I emphasize the WAY that expression of freedom of speech is done while hospitals are overwhelmed, people are very sick and dying Dianna, and this province like others are trying to keep people SAFE.

    SOCIAL DISTANCING, communicating with government officials to adhere to their requirements for security protocols protects EVERYONE’S freedoms. I had to during my protest ‘era’. I do call the format used by the people that Mr. Hillier, unacceptable because of the HIGH RISK that this virus presents to the health and welfare of ALL mankind.

    Can you and Mr. Hillier’s supporters and other anti-maskers not be more respectful of others than the 20th century format I used?

    I just expressed my freedom of speech.

    Without putting anyone in harm’s way.

    Stay safe.

    Eugenie Graham

  • Ridiculous! If deeming Hillier’s actions dangerous –which they are, as they perpetuate the spread of a deadly disease– insults your intelligence, well… so sad, so bad. There can’t be that much intelligence there to insult.
    No one in a civilized society is free to yell “Fire!” in a crowded cinema unless there is a fire, or “Hoax!” during a pandemic unless it is a hoax (which it most definitely isn’t); nor is the prevention of such dangerous behaviour censorship.

  • Shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is arguably free speech. It also puts others at risk and prohibitions against such actions are accepted as a reasonable limitation, in the interests of society. Scientists are clear that arguing against shutdowns and masks just as readily puts our collective wellbeing at risk. You have a right not to be vaccinated and a right to not wear a mask. You don’t have a right to tell bald-faced lies in an effort to get others to agree with you; nor do you have a right to enter premises like grocery stores without that mask, any more than you can enter without other required clothing. And regardless of our political stripes, I think we can agree that a naked Randy Hillier at the grocery store is not an image any of us should have to bear, Mother’s Day or any day.

  • “I may disagree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.”–Voltaire

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