On The Wall Street Art Festival

On The Wall Street Art FestivalThe Water Access Group, who brought us the Shoreline Shuffle, has teamed up with the Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour to create Kingston’s first ever street art festival from August 18-24, 2014. City Council unanimously agreed that a festival celebrating talented Kingston artists perfectly reflects the city’s Culture Plan and Art in Public Places policyOn The Wall Street Art Festival will take place over the course of the week, with twenty Kingston artists painting, drawing and building artworks on the retaining wall that borders Doug Fluhrer Park at the end of Wellington Street.  The artists will work daily from noon-8pm, creating large- scale works while members of the public are invited to visit the park to watch their creations come alive.  The finished product will remain for one year and then painted over at what will hopefully become an annual event.  On Saturday, August 23rd a Celebration Day will take place in the park with live music, food, flash mobs and other fun, family friendly events from 3pm-8pm.

Many cities all over the world have incorporated street art on the sides of large buildings, around everyday objects such as phone booths and even on sidewalks.  These works of art add beauty and interest to the cityscape, and in many cases can also inspire and challenge.

The On The Wall Street Festival

hopes to democratize urban art in the City of Kingston and celebrate creativity by transforming the waterfront park into a lively public art venue where citizens and tourists alike can watch artists at work, from the beginning to completion of their unique contemporary art projects.

While the event is being sponsored, there is still a need for more funding to aid in the success of the Celebration Day.  An Indiegogo campaign has been started, seeking out $6000 to go towards honorariums for the performers, a stage, chairs, tables and a solar powered sound system.  Exceeding this goal will mean more, much deserved compensation for the artists and performers.

A list of participating artists can be found here.  Be sure to visit the Indiegogo campaign to learn more about the impact art in public spaces can have and why it’s an important part of our community.

Thanks to Michele Mazzoli, Rebecca W, Graham Coreil-Allen and JAM Project for today’s photos.

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  • what is going on here?…urban art?…blessed by the city with music, fun and ART?… ITS LIKE KINGSTON IS KEWWWWWL!

  • The NGB Studios and Shops will also be open on saturday, August 23rd from 10-5pm. Tour studios of painters, potters, metalsmiths and more!

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