On The Small Screen

The Screening Room, documentaryThe Screening Room is the only remaining movie theatre in downtown Kingston, and despite the recent construction of the new Empire Imax Theatre, The Screening Room is still near and dear to many Kingstonians. It is the only theatre in town that specializes in art-house, foreign, alternative, and classic cinema. In addition to regular nightly screenings, the theatre offers a Speaker Series with filmmakers present at screenings, and special theme nights. Ticket prices can’t be beat ranging from $6-$9.

The Screening Room was up for sale two years ago at the same time that, by some magical twist of fate, Kingstonian Wendy Huot felt a desire to own and run a movie theatre. For their Queen’s University Film 250 final project, filmmakers Brendon Wilson and Charlotte Orzel created a short film discussing Wendy’s purchase of the theatre, the charms of The Screening Room itself and Kingston’s ongoing love for it.


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